Querydog is updated once per week by Niall Guerin, and is intended to act as a personal weekly links list and research log for articles and resources in the following areas of interest:

  • artificial intelligence
  • assistive technology
  • automation
  • business process modelling
  • computing history
  • information policy
  • information systems
  • personal project concept or prototype
  • security
  • skills
  • software engineering
  • systems engineering
  • systems integration
  • systems modelling

Querydog.ie will provide a weekly links list covering:

– 1-3 Article Links from my weekly subscriptions to various online or print information sources and brief summary of why listed. Include related resources where applicable. Always include direct link to Source publication or organisation (so people know the true link source) and use the exact Source title (do not frame or open a new tab, do not rewrite a source headline as this is just a public bookmark). Sometimes I’ll just share something a friend might have sent on

– Software tools from open source community or closed source product and brief summary of why listed

– Personal project concept or prototype shared on GitHub and summary of why listed. These entries can range from scratchpad diagram sketches to program prototypes around VExSS and Vendelligence or smaller supporting tools for those projects or new projects I experiment with as sometimes a project will be archived if I am no longer actively developing it. They can also be general experiments with new languages or scripts for utility type applications needed for routine tasks

The name Querydog is derived from my own personal curiosity about pretty much how anything works, hence the wide category scope, and observing my own pet dog, which sniffs around curiously in the air and on the ground, when she finds something of interest.