Weekly Links List – Hololens for spinal surgery; Federated search in Elasticsearch; Robotics video collection

Source: Microsoft HoloLens becomes an AR assistant for spinal surgery

Why listed? Due to a long-running interest in injury recovery in this area, I’m always interested in any developments that help the patient directly or help the surgeon help the patient. This piece from Engadget covers the latter scenario and is an interesting medical application of the Hololens technology from Microsoft.

Source: Tribe Nodes & Cross-Cluster Search: The Future of Federated Search in Elasticsearch

Why listed? Federated search is something I have often seen in previous enterprise software systems and it crops up a lot still regardless of product or vendor. This blog covers the Elasticsearch historic cluster search approaches via Tribe Nodes and the focus now on the Cross-Cluster Search approach and compares both, so good if like me, you are refreshing on Elasticsearch or have not dived into these aspects.

Related Resources

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Source: Video Friday: Running Robot, Dog vs. Roomba, and BionicCobot

Why listed? I wanted a weekly robotics video roundup without having to compile it and IEEE Spectrum does it for me. The video that most interested me from the list in this link is the interviews with the various team members from Festo regarding their robotic arm design and the associated software engineering process. They cover the mechanical design, engineering workflow, and the user interface design of the software itself. It is demo-rich, so a nice video insight into their product development activity.

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