Weekly Links List – .NET Blog Resources; Women in High Performance Computing; Flying Car Prototype

Source: The Morning Brew

Why listed? Delving into C# and related .NET technologies, so started my usual task of curating resources, which in turn has me returning to Vendelligence version 2 next week after a 4 month hiatus. After seeing a recurring link on Stack Overflow, decided to bookmark it here. Loads of great resources and updated daily!

Source: ACM Newsletter

Why listed? This covers an interview with two women in the domain of High Performance Computing (HPC). They talk about the work they do, the activities they are engaged in to promote the role of women in IT and this particular sub-field, and the challenges in getting more women into the domain rather than going down the route of other less hands-on technical roles.

Source: Lilium’s Funky ‘Jet’ Could Make Flying Car Dreams a Reality

Why listed? This is more for fun. I want to add more video snippets to Querydog as I watch this kind of stuff routinely and my wife wanted me to mix up the content sources to link to video content like interviews or snippets on new technologies relevant to the categories and not text-only data feeds. This Wired video library link has prototype footage regarding a fully-electric flying car with vertical take-off. Covers a few of the other industry players working on similar prototypes.

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