Weekly Links List: Brain Computer Interface companies; Brain-controlled muscle stimulation and paralysis recovery

Source: Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI

Why listed? This project took my interest because of the focus on on linking the brain directly to a digital interface. The companies involved believe it will take many years of medical research to get the type of interface they are aiming to build, but the important bit is they have started trying to solve the problem. Neuralink one of the companies covered in the article, but not a lot of data available about them. Kernel, another company, is also mentioned. Came across the original article via The Macro newsletter post.

Source: Brain-controlled muscle stimulation makes paralysed man move limbs again

Why listed? In a similar theme to the previous post, as continually interested in progress in the field where people have severe brain injuries or trauma that causes paralysis. Given the impact on the lives of the individual and the people who have to take care of them, I am eager for the day when they can fully solve this problem and help these people recover to the point of full independence. The focus in the article is on allowing the patient to think the action and translate that into physical movement of the required muscles with progress on one individual, William Kochevar. While they show it was not easy, the fact that William can eat and drink again is a big deal. Much work remains to be done, but what is interesting here is the approaches being taken by biomedical engineers to solve the problem.

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