Weekly Links List – Concurrent Programming Teaching Practices; Hobby versus valuable asset

Source: Sequential Programming Considered Harmful?

Why listed? I spent a lot of the past decade looking at concurrency issues in various products I was supporting. They did not tend to go deep into it in college and anything I learned was via self-learning in textbooks, online resources, and asking a lot of questions to experienced senior software engineers who had spent time in the trenches architecting and solving hard concurrency issues or helping us solve them at client sites. This article covers the topic of teaching concurrent programming earlier in computer science modules and not leaving it until later in the student learning plan, as they feel this encourages not just a skill, but a mindset. I don’t agree with everything in the article, but it raises some important points about what is being taught in computer science modules.

Source: Turning Tech Hobbies into Side Hustle

Why listed? I came to this via Java Web Weekly. This is an honest piece about difference between hobby activity and putting a focus on why you are learning a new skill and who you intend to help after acquiring that knowledge as opposed to doing something just for the sake of sharpening the saw.

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