Weekly Links List – Automation and Universal Basic Income; A Hidden Figure; Self Encapsulation

Source: Experts Think UBI Is the Solution to Automation. This Year, We’ll Find Out

Why listed? I was originally going to post a link to a project reported from Finland a few weeks back. I found this article from Futurism.com this week was more comprehensive and it refers to the project in Finland, as well as many other active initiatives around the world. We are seeing more and more talk about universal basic income (UBI) as countries discuss providing a basic income as automation continues to rise across industries. The article covers the pros and cons particularly around funding and difficulties of even sustaining such a scheme from figures in industry, and provides links to some of the active projects in Finland, Kenya, and Canada.

Source: Secret Crime-Fighter Revealed to Be 1930s Physicist

Why listed? This article interested me for a few reasons. I am always curious about hidden figures, people who do great work, but you don’t tend to hear their name splashed all over the history books or the media because they tend to be modest about their achievements. It has a great embedded video and the enthusiasm from the folks in the interview is infectious, as you can sense their excitement as they uncovered interesting details about the individual in question. Finally, it covers this man, Wilmer Souder, who primarily was known for his work on dental materials, but led a double-life as an expert in forensic analysis and used his skills to support the US government in fighting crime on a large number of cases. Much of his work was forgotten until the curators and researchers in this article did some digging in various national archives and contacted a relative to obtain materials where he had carefully documented his work methods and some of his case file notes. They reveal a character that brought a scientific method and level of precision analysis to federal cases, that as this article reveals, was less scientific and rigorous than one would expect. This story shows the value of maintaining national information archives and being careful about destroying valuable records from the past.

Source: SelfEncapsulation

Why listed? The topic of encapsulation was on my mind the last few weeks regarding my own projects, as you are always thinking, how can I do something better. I am focusing on revisiting a lot of the basics again in Java after spending  a lot of time playing with frameworks last year. This one from Martin Fowler is really short, provides nice code samples, and shows an interesting way, if you need it, to further safeguard access to class fields. I just like his focus on keeping things simple and only using certain approaches if you really need them.

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