Weekly Links List – Modern Enterprise Integration Patterns; Visual Diagrams for SQL; Maven Build Lifecycle Guide

Source: Modern Examples for Enterprise Integration Patterns

Why listed? I had read a copy of this about 7 years ago after a former colleague in SAP had recommended it to me for further reading when I worked on supporting middleware solutions. I had been wondering if some of the material would be updated to reflect contemporary trends in open source and enterprise integration solutions and I got a pleasant surprise when I came across this post from February 2017, with updates with exactly what I was seeking. The author, Gregor Hohpe, has a wealth of valuable information on the website. The book too is a great read and is in accessible chunks online. This particular page has updated Java code samples to reflect scenarios running on Google, Amazon, Apache Camel, and RabbitMQ, which were my main focus, but there are examples for GoLang and Kafka too.

Source: Visual Representation of SQL Joins , Say NO to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINS

Why listed? Simple reason this is listed. I am looking at a lot of SQL JOIN topics recently, so needed to refresh. I have also posted a counter-argument diagram and post link as that individual also makes valid points about being careful about relying on use of Venn diagrams for illustrating JOINS as do a few other SQL JOIN posts. Good references in any case.

Source: Introduction to the Build Lifecycle

Why listed? I had been looking for a quick-reference card a few months back for Apache Maven commands and had a simple text file locally for helping me with Eclipse/Spring Boot builds. I was using a few common ones always in my Spring Boot projects, but was not using all of them so I wanted an official go-to resource for the most current version of Maven 3.x. This gives me exactly what I need from the Apache Maven website and was lasted updated on March 5th, 2017.

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