Weekly Links List – Java Logging on GitHub; Basic I/O Java Essentials; Innerhardware project

Source: What’s the Top Java Logging Method on GitHub

Why listed? I really enjoyed reading this on my lunch break during the week. It was relevant as I am looking at different logging approaches in standard Java programs and my own Spring Boot applications. I tend to use a mix of both with a lazy tendency towards String concatenation even though the parameterised method is clean after I tested it out in one of my Spring Boot applications last year. This post provides an interesting read based on projects they sampled from GitHub. This article was through Java Web Weekly Issue 165 from Baeldung – great wealth of articles in there every week!

Source: Basic Java I/O Essentials

Why listed? This week I was experimenting with basic file utilities for random text and structured CSV files. I had become accustomed to using third-party Java frameworks and wanted to get back to basics. I wanted to do a refresher on File I/O fundamentals in Java (version 8 is what I was using this week), so I collated file writer and file reader Java API resources from the official vendor documentation for this task. It was good fun refreshing on this and seeing functionality available in the API classes. I created a simple program with a loop utility allowing me to create a general class that could represent any object I wanted to model and write 1 or 100 million line item records to file just to see if it would kill my CPU, JVM, or file system, as I want to be able to batch load small and large datasets into my own tools over the coming months. Worked a treat and my now-3-year old Macbook handled the 8GB file comfortably and said is that the best you can throw at me, so out of amusement, I tried 1 billion line items. At 52GB and growing, although my CPU and Memory were easily coping, my file system said ease up on the play time; you clearly need to find something else to do today 🙂

Related Resources

Eugen has a Back to Basics section I really liked. I think this stuff is important as often it’s easy to forget the basic simple stuff and focus on complexity.

Java Back to Basics – Baeldung

Java IO Overview – Jenkov

Source: innerhardware.com

Why listed? I scrapped the informazine company and website this year, as I am working with a new employer, WBT Systems, and based in Dublin since the past few weeks. I have converted the whole project to a personal workspace now with a new easier-to-pronounce name based on feedback from friends. I will use the Open Labs area of innerhardware.com to share what would have been former blog articles under Informazine; they will use a Pandoc script project I created to last year on GitHub called kbase to convert my .docx documents into .md format with images, so I can share them online. The tool development for vendelligence and vexss will now take place under innerhardware.com as an ongoing experiment in learning.

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