Weekly Links List – SQL Server First Responder Kit, SonarLint, Using Optional with Jackson

Source: Getting Started with the SQL Server First Responder Kit

Why listed? I like toolkits that speed up diagnostic work, troubleshooting tasks, and also cover performance analysis support. This post from InfoQ does all of them, is short, and shows me exactly what I need for diagnostic support with SQL Server. It provides a summary and link to the SQL Server First Responder Kit, which was developed by Brent Ozar Unlimited and is now an open source project. You can find the project on GitHub.

Source: SonarLint – Bug hunting season is open

Why listed? I am currently looking at inefficiencies in my own use of the Eclipse IDE – Neon, in case of my own projects on GitHub, and areas like custom templates for automating tasks and tools that speed up code inspection. SonarLint was covered in this Eclipse Newsletter received this week. The blog post is short, covers the high level features and it also works with other IDEs like Intellij and Visual Studio. Check out sonarlint.org for information on all supported IDEs. In the newsletter article, refer to the Google Groups link at the end if interested in logging bugs or feature requests.

Source: Using Optional with Jackson

Why listed? I relied on Eugen and his technical articles last year to get me going with Jackson and my own ongoing JSON experiments with Spring Boot projects. I am returning to VExSS next month to get the integration automated from file polling to http posting into Elasticsearch via Spring Integration, and will be using Jackson for other extensions to the custom JSON data model for my data instances. This blog is great as he shows issues with the use of Optional when using Jackson, but importantly provides sample unit tests with stack trace excerpts and clearly explains what is happening, why it is happening, and how to solve such cases. For context, refer to this link explaining the Optional class from the Java documentation.

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