Weekly Links List – Monitoring systems for Seniors, jQuery Mobile vulnerability to XSS attacks

Source: Monitoring Systems for Seniors

Why listed? Any technology that supports or assists people interests me. Many years ago, I was with my partner, walking in the city, when an elderly lady fell badly on the pavement while carrying her shopping bags. Luckily there were plenty of people around as my wife consoled her after the poor lady had lost some of her teeth when her face smacked into the ground, and we called an ambulance. These kinds of falls also happen out of the public view inside people’s homes without a friendly passer-by to assist or dial medical services. And a minor fall can rapidly become serious for an elderly person. These researchers are trying to solve the problem and have developed a system to monitor and alert known carers if the person does have a bad fall at home.

Source: jQuery Mobile Can Expose Websites to XSS Attacks

Why listed? I use jQuery in my own projects on GitHub, and while lots of new and fancy frameworks keep emerging, I find it easy to use and intuitive, so it works for me. However, I was scanning articles on securityweek.com and came across this, so just adding more as a bookmark-to-self and in case any other web application developer finds it useful as jQuery Mobile team do not plan changes in case it breaks existing application implementations and they want developers to be made aware of the vulnerability. The problem is illustrated in the case of open redirects. Refer to this blog post from Eduardo Vela for more description on the bug finding.

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