Weekly Links List – Tribes of AI; Watching computers think; Windows Batch Scripting Resources

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Source: The Many Tribes of Artificial Intelligence

Why listed? This was sent on to me by a friend during the week. I really enjoyed it as it gives some context on the use of the term “artificial intelligence”, the history of the field, and the various groups, considered as tribes in the article, and what differentiates how they have attempted or are attempting to solve the problem of creating artificial intelligence or something close to it.

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Source: Watching computers think

Why listed? There is a lot of talk about neural networks these days, but often how the software works is a bit like a black box. The folks at the Fraunhofer Institute have focussed on solving that problem and have developed ways to work backwards from how a computer program using neural network implementations arrives at a decision. The article is a press release from the institute and the team behind the solution will be presenting at CeBIT in Hannover in March 2017.

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Source: Guide to Windows Batch Scripting

Why listed? I had been using small scripts on and off in the past year for Windows and OSX as I run applications on both platforms at home, but wanted a decent guide on Windows Batch Scripting as want to focus on task automation following the guidelines from Edmond Lau about forcefully taking time to automate tasks no matter if it is time consuming to do the automation step initially. Found this little gem today, so will come in handy as a future go-to reference.

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