Weekly Links List – Flipping the Reversed Test Pyramid; Redefining Success Criteria; Clara-Rules; Drools

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Source: Flipping The Reversed Test Pyramid

Why listed? I subscribed to Kostadin’s blog this week. I would typically read his work periodically throughout the last few months, so was glad he was keeping up the posts and got this in today. He writes refreshingly honest technical content, emphasises a collaborative mindset, and shares a lot of open experiences around software testing processes and tools as well as many other areas of the software development lifecycle. This is a really good post on unit testing, integration testing, and end-user testing and how project teams work together. He focuses on themes that affect large and small organisations and I myself can be lazy regarding the creation of unit and integration tests when it comes to my own projects. The article pushes a team effort and not taking short-cuts in tasks that ultimately save time and increase quality.

Article Link

Source: Redefining success criteria

Why listed? I am currently sending out contract and permanent applications as of December 2016. Last month, Edmond Lau was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time for a general chat around feedback on his book and blog. During the conversation, my own project activity came up as a topic and he asked how would I define success in my projects? It forced me to rethink what I was doing, get back to the work that really mattered, a prototype from 2015, that had initiated my projects in general and was built to support me in consulting and future IT roles. The blog post covers the actions taken in recent weeks across both tools, Vendelligence and VExSS, and the development of an open learning platform to record my activity. Now, as originally envisaged, the projects are connecting and feeding each other in terms of functionality, supporting tools, and cross-project knowledge development.

Tool Mention

Tool: Clara-Rules

Why listed? As part of the VExSS project system, I need to explore expert system rule design and support. I had worked with Business Process Management (BPM) enterprise software in the past, but those were large and complex systems, so that kind of architecture is overkill for my own application. I want VExSS, in these early stages, to be as simple as possible. I researched Lisp this week, as former colleagues in SAP had asked me to consider using it in my own projects. I then took a look at Clojure as had been reading about it in tutorials and general articles. I figured no harm in learning something new for 2017, so am going to focus on Clojure and Clara-Rules prototype support for VExSS.

Tool: Drools, Drools-Expert

Why listed? Drools is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS). It contains a component called Drools Expert, so that again would be a focus area as reading other project or vendor documentation helps me learn regardless of whatever framework I am using in my own applications.

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