Weekly Links List – NIST software security and stability goals; Microservice talk summary; Cognitive services APIs and projects

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Source: Safer, Less Vulnerable Software Is the Goal of New NIST Computer Publication

Why listed? A lot of the points raised in it have been mentioned in various tech talks online and in ACM journal articles over the years, so this is not some “oh wow” piece of reading. However, the infographic does not make a lot of valid points, particularly the comment about formal methods and additive software analysis.

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Source: Komand Principal Engineer Sean Kelly on Microservice Fallacies

Why listed? Mark Little has a series of digests on talks about microservices over on InfoQ. I am reading a book on the subject at the moment, and general advice from what I read in just about any site or book, is hold off and be very careful before diving into them, especially if still figuring out what you are even trying to build or model. This is another lessons learned/shared experience piece. I am not considering it for my own project, as the logistical elements alone would require me to have a team of people doing all the orchestration and management, but important to get up to speed on the pros and cons of it anyway.

Tool Mention

Products: Cognitive Services tool support

Why listed? I am currently adding vendors and open source projects to Vendelligence to start extending the system to map more closely to my own information support needs beyond the initial prototype in the community edition. The services above are ones I initially researched in the past few months along with the open source solutions from various projects. The Google custom search API is good for the curation and knowledge base information retrieval step, but I am interested in experimenting with others as the system was left open enough to factor in using other search services in the searchConfig class and searchInterface class. Further, if I want to get to the second objective of an expert system for Vendelligence based on the query storage and personal annotations, I need to experiment with frameworks and API services from vendors and projects built by folks with expertise in those domains. You hit limits with these services but they allow me, without a team, to try out different approaches without breaking the bank. The vendors generally offer similar types of service; it’s the quality of the results I am interested in as a next step and the ease (or not) of setting them up as an integrated endpoint.

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