Weekly Links List – Ethical considerations in AI systems; Wix to WordPress migration; Agile software development resources

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Source: Designing AI Systems that Obey Our Laws and Values

Why listed? It discusses various considerations around automated guardians and it factors in both ethics bots and having system solutions in place that protect the guardian systems themselves from being undermined. Given the tech media coverage and hype in recent years around artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual assistants, and robotics, it’s a timely piece. My personal interest is how they come up with systems to protect guardian bots at messaging communications level, the protocols and security frameworks that are implemented to protect “good bot” chatter with trusted humans and protecting both parties from rogue applications. There will be many issues around the ethical considerations in designing “back door” solutions for such systems as the back door itself would be vulnerable to exploits by an adaptive rogue agent. For some follow-up reading, refer to pages 29/30 of the Wired UK November 2016 print edition in an discussion with Stephen Cave, who is involved with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.

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Wired UK (November 2016) Print Edition, pp. 29/30

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Source: This designer uses LEGO to build prosthetics for children injured by landmines

Why listed? This caught my eye in Wired magazine print edition from earlier this year because it’s an inspiring project helping kids who suffered severe physical trauma and combines recovery with fun and learning. The designer has a noble target of eventually not needing payment from the people who want to use the prosthetic system.

Tool Mention

Tool: WordPress migration from Wix

Functions used: Content Management System, Search, User Interface Themes

Why listed? I was getting annoyed with how slow Wix was for my own simple text and virtually zero graphics sites, with response times ranging from the 2.5-10 second range from laptop and mobile clients. The design time editor in Wix is good and much better than what I have since moving over to WordPress or on other tools, as it has a very good visual layout editor, but the runtime response times were consistently poor despite using a paid plan and I noticed a lot of other frustrated users on their forums; even the design-time editor would grind sometimes. I also seemed to have to add a plugin to the blog for basic functions like local blog search. Note I have never had issues with Wix support – they have been responsive always and answered our questions as did any plugin provider. This is really about a personal preference as I have taken over administration on all the sites previously managed by my wife, and WordPress gives me far more horsepower and full server and database administrative control yet it does enough out of the box not to be a distraction in terms of maintenance.

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Tool Mention

Tool: Guide on Agile Software Development – Martin Fowler

Functions used: N/A

Why listed? The subject of system development frameworks came up during course material this week when frameworks like Zachman, DoDAF, and TOGAF were reviewed and discussed. I had not looked into these topics since about 2001-2004 when I was doing more active reading out of a general interest in the various development approaches for systems projects. Back then, I thought a lot of the stuff was pure overkill as they just seemed abstract fuzzy frameworks with boring reference texts that would cure any insomnia. However, listening to the inputs of classmates and folks in other fields (aeronautics, nuclear, medical, software), they had valuable insights on the practical application of various approaches in their domains especially when organisations make a concerted effort to do it right. What Martin Fowler says on this link just resonated on the software side and gets back to fundamentals on what they intended and what needs to be in place to successfully support agile software development. And it is a reminder to myself to start properly applying those principles to my own projects, not just partially doing it, especially the tooling workflows.

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